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"You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. 
So why bother in the first place? 
Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen. There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least still know."

René Daumal


It's that knowledge we seek;

It's those pursuits we seek to inspire.


The thing is though, people either stick to the lowlands, or climb big, expeditionary peaks.



The former only skims the surface; The latter has a barrier of entry that is steep.


But there’s a middleground.  

And that middleground can reveal knowledge of oneself that is profound.


We are Content Machine. 

This is the next story we’ll tell.


Chris Brinlee, Jr.

Creative Director, Producer //

Homebase: Lyons, Colorado

Creative Expertise: Advertising & Creative Direction, Photography, Branding, Producing, Social Strategy, Interactive Design

Interests: Alpinism, Adventure Travel, Motorcycles, Gear, Near-future Fiction, Tech, Celebrating Discomfort

Bio: Chris Brinlee, Jr. is a storyteller. Stories, however, are not best-told from inside the walls of a cubicle, so in August 2014, Chris left his behind—quitting his fancy advertising art director job to go experience something more.

Since then, Chris’s adventures have led him around the globe—he’s paddled remote fjords in Greenland, ridden motorcycles through Vietnam, sailed with a crew to Antarctica, and climbed 6,000m peaks in Nepal.

Chris strives to #CelebrateDiscomfort—a theme at the core of each adventure, and each story he tells. He specializes in bringing stories to life for both brands, and editorial outlets. As a contributor for publications such as Red Bulletin, Outside, Huckberry, and Gizmodo—his words, photos, and videos have inspired millions; while his strong presence on social media provide daily doses of inspiration.


Hilary Matheson

Photographer, Designer // 

Homebase: Vancouver, British Columbia

Creative Expertise: Photography, Graphic and Web Design, Content Creator and Social Media Influencer
Interests: Ultra Trail-Running, Rock and Ice Climbing, Cheese Aficianado.

Bio: Hilary Matheson loves being outside. Her first love is running, and she has had a number of podium and top ten finishes in the past four years at distances ranging from 50 km to 120 miles. She also started rock climbing in the past few years to develop her upper body strength, and has since ventured into the world of ice climbing and mountaineering. She’ll try anything "once". 

Hilary runs and climbs with a DSLR no matter how gnarly the terrain, in order to properly capture the beauty of the places she explore. She has a background in communications and marketing, and recently graduated from Emily Carr University's Communication Design program. She specializes in graphic design, photography and content creation for outdoor brands.

Hilary has a passion for the mountains, and a desire to see others get outside and redefine their ceilings. She seeks to inspire others through her storytelling and social media.


Justin Owensby

Director, Filmmaker //

Homebase: Los Angeles, California

Creative Expertise: Creative Development, Cinematography, Film Theory, Post Production

Interests: Dogs, Photography, Meditation, Fitness, Lunch

Bio: Justin has been sharing his passion for the outdoors through film since his first career as a professional skier in Aspen, Colorado.  Since moving to Los Angeles in 2001 and stepping into the filmmaking industry as a writer, director, and raconteur, he has focused in on the art of capturing earnest and unexpected moments in the lives of characters—real and imagined.

Justin’s filmmaking combines cultivated technical skill and a love of capturing people living their lives in the midst of beautiful places.  Growing up in the mountains of Colorado has imprinted into his professional style, as many of his commercial and feature works present the natural environment as personality and atmosphere as important as the human elements of the films.


Saman Shrestha

Homebase: Kathmandu, Nepal

Nationally recognized Nepalese rock climber.

Chris and Saman first met at a climbing gym in Kathmandu two years ago, and they formed a friendship that soon blossomed into brainstorming epic adventures.

Saman is a proficient climber in his own right, but he is equally passionate about building the Nepalese rock climbing community. He has set countless new routes throughout Nepal, and works with local communities to bring climbing walls to their schools, giving the kids their first exposure to Nepal's amazing rock.

While a leader in the rock climbing community, Saman has never ventured into the higher regions Nepal is so famous for. He is excited to combine his love for rock climbing with exploring sub-6000m peaks in the Himalayas.  


Where are we going? 

The Khumbu, Nepal, Autumn 2017

What are we doing? 

Tackling an area of the Himalayas that sees little traffic - the middleground.

And we're going to bring you along on the journey.

We will be vlogging, blogging, making films, and otherwise capturing and sharing our adventures as we go.

Our hope is that our adventure will inspire you to plan yours. 


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The Journey Begins

Thirty hours. Four flights. That’s how long it took our director, Justin Owensby, to travel from Los Angeles, California to Kathmandu, Nepal. His journey was not the exception, either.  Hilary Matheson, our photographer and designer, had a journey nearly as long from Vancouver, BC. And for Ben and myself, we traveled over thirty hours from Denver, Colorado. The only person on our team who did not have to travel across the globe to arrive in Kathmandu was Saman Shrestha--the Nepalese climber who I first met at the rock wall two years ago.

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